Security first of all!

LaboSafe is the exclusive distributor in Switzerland of the GIA-Premix emergency swowers. GIA-Premix is the leader in this field on the Scandinavian market. Those products, designed and produced in Sweden, are tokens for the renowned Swedish quality and for the importance given to security matters in this country.

Since 1990, GIA has continued developping new emergency shower in order to be able to offer one of the most complete cataloques on the market for eye, face and body emergency showers. The GIA-Premix products comply with ANSI Z358.1 2004 standards..

The EyeSpray eyewashes allow a simple and safe eye protection, anwhere, including where no connection to the main water is possible. It is a new patented system developped and produced in Sweden, wher qualita and security matters, and has been adopted as a first-aid standard for many greater nationwide industriel companies.

A comprehensive catalogue of 75 products, without counting all aditionnal possible combinations, with bassins and showerheads in stainless steel 316L, allows to propose the best solution perfectly adapted to each situation,be it eyewashes, facewashes, body washes or combined solutions. The GIA-Premix mergency showers for factories, industrial environments or laboratories wher ther is a risk to be in contact with dangerous products. For the eyewashes, three different flows are proposed.

a smaller catalogue of only 12 products, with bassins and showerheads in ABS plastic, and a smaller diameter of the piping, offering however the same security and the same flow, allows to propose a very competitive alternative in most situation. IN spite of the limited number of products, this catalogue includes eye-, face-, body- and combined showers as well as frost protected solutions. Most of the accessories from the main catalogue are compatible.

EyeSpray is a new concept of eyewashes, simple and safe, particularly useful when no connection to main water is possible. It consists of two spraybottles containing sterile buffered saline water.
The shower is automatically activated when the cover is pulled downward. L'autonomie des bouteilles est de plus de 15 minutes. The two hands remain free to keep the eyelids open enabling an efficient rinsing.

Several criteria are to be taken in consideration when chosing emergency showers.
Rinsing eyes after having been in contact with agressive products requires more time than what one thinks. Sulfiric acid requires a rinsing time of at least 15 minutes. It is also important to chose the correct flow and the correct rinsing cone.

You can rely on our expertise and on our know-how and those of our suppliers to help you make the best choice.