Who are we?

Emergency safety showers

Since January 2009, we distribute the GIA-Premix emergency showers. GIA-Premix is a Swedish manufacturer, leader in this field on the Scandinavian market.
We also distribute the EyeSpray products, a new, patented, simple and safe eyewash system that can be installed everywhere, including where no connection to main water is possible.
Those products, engineered and produced in Sweden are tokens for the renowned Swedish quality and for the importance given to security matters in this country. We are proud to be able to propose those products in all industrial environments where eye and body protection is an important issue.

Water treatment

Our group of companies has been active or many years in the several fields of Water. Particularily using UV systems and Ozone generators. Thereby, we are in a position to propose to our clients water treatment equipment and solutions – drinking water, industrial water and waste water.

Installation and maintenance

Water treatment equipment regularly need to be checked and maintained and require readily available spare parts. Our maintenance department and the synergies with the other companies in our group allow us to offer with a great efficiency all services such as maintenance, repairs, modifications and spare part replacements. We hold in our stocks the most common replacement parts and are in a position to supply very rapidly, thanks to our suppliers, all necessary spare parts. Our workshops and our technical and administrative offices are centrally located in Switzerland and, on request, we can be easily be on site within very short notice for a meeting or for a service work. Our services not only cover the products we exclusively distributed but also the products of our numerous partners. Our skilled technical staff has been thoroughly trained to meet most demands and when an intervention from a specialized technician is necessary, we will have him come and coordinate the work. For complete piping installations, we have our own fitters but we also work with the local fitters of our clients and coordinate the whole installation.


Founded in 1878, the Hildenbrand group of companies has been active for many years, with the skill and the quality that has allowed us to acquire and keep satisfied clients all over Switzerland, as an industrial piping contractor in fields such as pharmaceutical, food, microelectronics and many other industries, also supplying complete turn-key installations.
The LaboSafe department had already been active in the field of Industrial security as distributor of the famous Swedish GIA-Premix and EyeSpray emergency showers.
After over 25 years as Executive Director of Hildenbrand, Robert Rettby founded on November 1st 2010 the spin-of LaboSafe SA, taking over the activities in the fields of Industrial security and water treatment.
After having been during it's first years a department of Hildenbrand, LaboSafe is now an independent company, however still in the same building, sharing workshop and offices, and benefiting from the synergies and a long tradition of skills and experience. The technical staff of LaboSafe also benefits from a long experience in the field of water and water treatment, be it UV, ozone, filtering our other water treatment processes.


More and more frequently, our clients do not wish to coordinate themselves the works of sevral contractors. They want someone to be in charge of finding the best solution, implementing all the steps leading to the expected result and coordinating the works of all required contractors. The synergies between our companies, together with the help of our partners, suppliers and consultants, allow us to the results our clients expect.

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